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You have data and you want to extract meaningful knowledge? Data is from multiple disparate sources? Do you want to start collecting data? Need a new database?
Need to automate reports or data feeds?

We can help! Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, we have 25+ years of experience in advanced data analytics on a variety of platforms within a successful startup, consulting, academia, and government.
Creating databases with performance in mind, defining meaningful data elements, complex queries, and routines, anything you might want to get out of your data we can help.

Best of all we can help you automate, automate, automate.

We will create tasks that run by themselves - it’s beautiful and sustainable. You don’t need to engage us or any other consultant to run reports, data feeds, data cleanup, etc. Fast routines that process millions of flat records in no time.

You will see the benefits of our superb experience with text processing here - this wonderful synergy ability to write software for fast text processing and our deep knowledge of databases results in fast and sustainable software that you will love.

Our goal is to make your work and life easier, to fix your pain points, and to solve your problems in a user-friendly, fast, and sustainable way.


Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are all the buzz and are already instrumental in vastly improving our lives.

Super-intelligent machines will not grow a mind of their own or take over humans, but they will help us automate repetitive or time-consuming tasks. Along with aiding exploration in dangerous or inaccessible areas, AI is beneficial to reducing human error from fatigue, emotional reactions, or strict time constraints.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is a field of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on computers processing and understanding human language in context.
NLP is at the center of the AI and ML revolution.

The benefits include customer service and reputation monitoring, which utilize methods like speech recognition, question-answering, and sentiment analysis.

NLP is instrumental in processing free text medical information and subsequently furthering knowledge representation.

We are especially passionate about Decision Support Systems. Have an idea - let's work together!


About us

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada we work with clients accross North America and Europe. Perfectly position between the range of timezones, we are GMT-4, 1h ahead of ET...

We bring 25+ years of advanced data analytics, and full stack software development on a variaty of platforms within a successful startup, consulting, academia, and governement.